Hayley Monks

• Please introduce yourself to our readers.

My Name is Hayley Monks, I am Managing Director of Think Inspire and Create Limited, a people centric transformation consultancy. Having done many years in FTSE 100& 250 businesses I took time out and enjoyed some ‘travel research’ before starting Think Inspire and Create. Delivering transformation in organisations and seeing real value of it in both business performance and people development, is what drives me.

• What is your brand philosophy and how does it give you a competitive advantage?

Listening to your people and growing them where they are planted. We help businesses in leveraging the value of people within their organisations and optimise technology and digital solutions.

• What customer-centric strategies do you use and why?

At Think Inspire and Create we have a strong focus on the customer. Actively listening to Customers is a key strategy of ours. In today’s frenetic society people have lost the art of listening to understand and as a result, customer interactions have become more automated and robotic. We coach Active Listening as a foundation principle in achieving a people and customer centric cultures.

• How does your business recruit and retain your employees?

We have grown and recruited through referrals. Our people have recommended people who they have identified have that the same values and passion as we do. People stay with us for many personal reasons, but the key one is one of our shared business values and that’s team-ship. Team-ship is about working together and being there for each other.

• What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

Our biggest challenge has been recruiting people that are like-minded and have the same values as us to continue to deliver value to the organisations that we work with

• What inspired the launch of your business?

Having worked with many consultants over the years I wanted to bring a new angle to the role that operations and business improvement consultants bring. Experience has taught me that change led by engaged people who active participate is more successful and have great longevity than change that is done to people.

• What is the number one factor in your business success?

Actively listening- Listening to understand. We are great at listening, real, active listening where we take time to really understand our customers’ goals so that we can help them achieve them.

• Describe your business model and what makes your business unique?

We have unique blend of strategy, operational customer service and financial skills that are blended and developed through a people and customer centric lens. The result is an ability to help business develop and utilise both their people knowledge skills and behaviours and digital capability, so they can optimise their processes to leverage on what the human is great at and deliver for the customer.

• What future advancements do you foresee in your market and how are you preparing for them?

Our customers use of advancing digital technology in servicing customer and how they can optimise this in conjunction with maximising the value of the human interaction.

• What’s your favourite business book?

It would be so difficult to pick just one favourite. The Effortless Experience was instrumental in shifting my thinking on how to achieve great customer service but Triggers also has some great tools and tips if you want to understand how large movements happen.

• How could you become a better leader?

Focussing on leadership in todays’ complex and volatile environment needs us all to develop our leadership skills, moving away from hierarchical structures through to leading through influence will be the key element which will separate the good and great leaders of tomorrow.

• What will you discuss in your BIO2018 presentation?

The Power of People – how engaged people drive profit and growth. Research shows that business with a clear vision and strategy, shared by positive and inspirational leaders, create engaged employee. Employees are often a business biggest asset and whilst it is often recognised on the balance sheet, their value in driving efficiency, value and growth in a business is frequently overlooked.

• Who is the Target Audience for your BIO2018 presentation?

Business who are looking to realise the potential of their people to facilitate their growth plans. Focusing on having a motivated and inspired workforce is what we do. We can help businesses that have under-utilised resource or those whose people are not engaged.


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