Jonna Mundy

• Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, I’m Jonna Mundy, the founder and CEO of You HR Consultancy Ltd.

• What is your brand philosophy and how does it give you a competitive advantage?

Our brand strap line is “it’s all about the people” – we exist to share our unique way of building long lasting client relationships where we can demonstrate, through great people management solutions, client growth, success and the benefits of HR good practice through its people.

• What customer-centric strategies do you use and why?

Our organisational values underpin our client strategy, where we; listen, understand, action, and achieve. We work alongside our clients every step of the way in scoping out plans of work to address their HR needs. We then monitor our progress and success through progress reports, client experience survey’s and client review meetings. We recognise that feedback from our clients is vital to ensure we provide the right standards and quality of work expected of us that really makes a difference for our clients.

• How does your business recruit and retain your employees?

At every opportunity we try and practice what we preach so we lead our own campaigns to recruit and to retain our employees, we have a multitude of employee benefits that can be applied depending on each individuals’ circumstances and future aspirations.

• What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

Learning on the job and all the challenges you face in running a business. I have discovered levels of persistence and resilience that I never knew I had until I started running my own business. These and my deep routed ethos of ‘customer focus’ have enabled me to keep going, learning and growing the business. I’ve often referred to running a business like the biggest pot of marmite I’ve ever opened – there’s days where you love it, and days’ where you don’t, but… I wouldn’t have it any other way.

• What inspired the launch of your business?

Originally, I started out as a sole trader, however, business flourished rapidly so within the first year I was given advice to set-up as a limited company… I must be honest and explain that it was never my intention to set-up a business, I didn’t appreciate at the time my hidden passion of being an entrepreneur. This coupled, with my desire to succeed in demonstrating the value of good HR practice inspires me year on year to take the business to a new level… after all everyone can resonate with our strapline… ‘it’s all about the people’.

• What is the number one factor in your business success?

Where our clients recognise the positive difference, we create for them and their local communities.

• What makes your business unique?

We are often complemented that we shine a new light on HR, and that our vibrancy and fresh approach of how we deliver the products of our service tree, enables growth for our clients in every aspect of people management and HR good practice.

• Explain your growth-funding path?

It is part of our business strategy that our Academy will drive growth for us over the next few years and move us more into providing our basic HR advice and guidance virtually and enabling greater efficiency in the face to face support and services we offer.

• What technology has made the greatest difference to your business?

Undoubtedly our Academy! Seeing our products come to life on a virtual platform is exhilarating and how our e-Learning and virtual access to our HR template documents, ‘how to’ guidance are helping others is really rewarding.

• What future advancements do you foresee in your market and how are you preparing for them?

I guess GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) is an obvious topic where clients will need to look at what needs to change in their existing current systems, processes and data management.

Equality and Diversity is widening its focus a lot more on Inclusion which is great, and already this year we’re seeing progress with a spotlight on Neurodiversity, paving a new wave of support and opportunity for people in work who have dyslexia, autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and other neurological conditions.

Brexit… This is going to open up a whole wave of change in industry labour forces and shortages of skills and experience, and with greater demand on improved productivity and a new generation of remote workforce – one could say there’s collectively a tidal wave approaching of what the UK workforce will look like by 2020.

And as our service line tree demonstrates… workplace wellbeing is a key branch in nurturing and supporting employers and employees to achieve sustainable levels of improved productivity and performance whilst striking the right work-life balance to reduce emerging concerns around mental ill health at work – levels of stress, anxiety, depression and relating conditions are on the rise – 131 million working days are lost on average each year, costing around £60 billion. More than half the time lost for long term absence is proportioned to stress, with employers spending £2.4 billion on staffing leaving work due to mental ill health… are we entering into a mental health crisis? something needs to change.

• What’s your favourite business book?

There’s so many but one of my all-time faves is The Company Culture cookbook! Written by Kevin M Thomson (2002).

• How could you become a better leader?

By giving more time to my team and building my confidence to talk about all my knowledge and experience in HR that I can share with others.

• What will you discuss in your BIO2018 presentation?

My journey of building a successful business and achieving sustainable growth.

• Who is the Target Audience for your BIO2018 presentation?

SME’s and Not for Profit organisations.


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